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1. You must be 25 and have a valid ID to rent a UTV.
2. You cannot take the rentals in any mud or water.
3. All children under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.
4. All ATV operators must wear a helmet
5. We suggest all UTV operators and passengers wear a helmet as well but it's up to you.
6. You must wear a seatbelt at all times when operating a UTV.
7. Entry fees are due and waivers must be signed upon arrival for all persons prior to entering the park.
8. If the parent, legal guardian or adult responsible for the minor needs to exit the park for any reason the child must leave with them No exceptions.
9. Idle speed in all camp areas.10 MPH speed on main roads.Be courteous to other drivers.  
10. NO donuts (or other aggressive riding that throws dirt/grass) in any areas other than at mud pit area. 
11. NO bolted tires.
12. NO discharging of firearms at any time.
13. RESPECT the land that you are riding on, all structures, the owners, and event volunteers at all times.
14. Please direct any questions/concerns to owners 
15. Please be aware of local, state, and federal laws regarding trailer height, width and weight, restrictions, and regulations
16. Absolutely no fighting.
17. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol on the trails keep it safe save it for camp.
18. No glass bottles
19. ATV riders must have a helmet with them at sign in.
20. ABSOLUTELY NO racing or donuts in the parking/camping lets keep keep the fields nice and green and family friendly.

22. we only allow ATVs and UTVs 
23. If you break any rules you will be kicked out of the park.

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